Wednesday, June 14, 2017

About My Website

What It's About and the Purrpose (pun intended):

I chose to do my website about cat couture more specifically, sweaters for homeless cats. There are pages that have the different products and even cats that have been rescued that you can adopt. There are customer reviews to add some lightheartedness. The idea of this website is to rescue stray cats and get them homes while helping cats that already have homes at the same time. The main goal is to sell sweaters for cats and fund animal shelters. 

Do I Like My Website:

I am actually really proud of my website. It came out the way I had pictured it. I put in an immense amount of effort and I think it shows. I like how I have different elements and used most of what we learned in the making of it. 

What I Would Change:

I'd probably do more with Photoshop. I wanted to make another logo or a different one for each page to have a different color theme for the separate pages. 


I would always miss a comma or quotation mark and it would mess up my entire webpage. I would also forget to end the tag on whatever I was doing. It was very frustrating after I'd find out that it was such a small thing preventing me from moving on.